Holy Week

A podcast landing page for The Atlantic, Holy Week is an eight-episode limited series hosted by Vann R. Newkirk II that explores the titular week and its aftermath.

This project is a collaborative effort between the product and our audio editorial teams. We thought closely about our goals for the page: audio accessibility, podcast awareness, and highlighting key moments from the series. We want to provide readers with consistency in their listening experience. We built the page around a persistent audio experience, allowing our readers to listen actively on the page or continue listening while their browser is closed.

As we built this experience, we considered an active transcript experience and the best way to provide our listeners with audio persistence in this reading state. The Holy Week transcript is an interactive reading experience that allows a listener to scrub through a podcast episode by clicking on the transcribed text. As a listener makes their way through the transcript, they can see which paragraphs are currently playing and their respective timestamps.

Year: 2023

Role: Senior Product Designer

Team: Vann R. Newkirk II (Senior Editor), Han Castanedo (Product Designer), Paul Spella (Art Direction), Dylan Momplaisir (Software Engineer), Dante Meick (Software Engineer), Karen Bowers (Product Manager).

Live Site: The Atlantic