Prime Corner Identity
Prime Corner is an eclectic neighborhood grocery specializing in locally sourced goods, coffee, and quick bites. It's in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore, MD.

The eclectic nature of Prime Corner comes from the signs, labels, and DIY advertising associated with small corner stores in city neighborhoods. A diverse range of colors, sharp contrast, and a focus on typography give Prime Corner its voice.

Logo & Motion

Store Front Mural

The Prime Corner mural is composed of four repeating icons. The coffee, fruit, flower, and sandwich. Hinting at the goods sold within. These are laid in a fluid grid system, inspired by classic window advertisements of items for sale. The Prime Corner logo also takes influence from extended and stretched typefaces in grocery advertising.

Various Stationary
Prime Corner Stationary


Prime Corner Screen Print Poster

Mural painted by: Samantha Redles